PROMPT and LIWU Announce Cross-Border Cooperation

6/8/2022 9:44:03 AM

Bangkok, Thailand. Jan. 5, 2022 – PROMPT Legal Services Co., Ltd. (PROMPT) officially announced a cross-border cooperation with LIWU Law Group (LIWU) to strengthen and expand their professional support for clients in the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of Korea, and relevant territories where their overseas network located. The cooperation will cover several issues that will enhance network and capability of both parties such as facility support, knowhow support and human resource support.

PROMPT is a Thai boutique law firm based in Bangkok, Thailand, specialized in Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax, and business and investment laws. PROMPT planned to expand its network from ASEAN to many countries and Korea is one of the most attractive destinations.

LIWU is a Korean law firm based in Seoul, Korea, with overseas offices in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia. LIWU desired to create and develop a strong base for Korean clients and investors in Thailand.

“Republic of Korea’s Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand has been growing rapidly. Whilst currently Thailand’s focus is on Digital Economy and Advanced Technology, I see the growth will continue even more rapidly. Hence, I believe our cooperation with LIWU Group will benefit both existing businesses and prospective investors. This partnership establishment will also open the door for Thai investors looking for business opportunity in South Korea,” said Promboon Sookatup, Partner and CEO of PROMPT.

In the present, while there are a lot of business opportunities in Korea and Thailand, cooperation between Korean and Thai law firms may not be significant presence in both Thailand and Korea. PROMPT and LIWU realized that there are demand of cross-border investment not only in Thailand and Korea but also the relevant territories and realized that cross-border legal support will encourage and fulfil such investment. The companies agreed to establish cross-border cooperation to support present clients and develop new market opportunities in the future.

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