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Root of Culture: Mindset 101%

Mindset 101% represents our principle to work with COMPASSION, not only for clients but also other and all interested party; and PASSION for the law and for the work that we do.

While clients may expect services delivered at a minimal standard of a hundred percent, at PROMPT, we encourage our lawyers to do more and contribute more. Driven by the root of Mindset 101%, our lawyers work to deliver services beyond expectation.


At PROMPT, we encourage individual and team development. It is One for All and All for One. We work to ensure that each lawyer has their own stage to shine and to develop to the best version on their own. Individual with different skills and strength complement each other and fulfill different roles in the team.

Work Environment

PROMPT believes that work environment is as important as the other above-mentioned matters. Our work environment has been designed under the concept of SMART, ENERGETIC and INNOVATIVE.

Hybrid working environment, where people can work from everywhere and an office is a collaboration space, has been applied to enhance time-management and team performance.

Facing the challenge to actualize and emphasize our core value into our lawyer community, we establish PROMPT Academy with the mission to groom our Mindset 101% and to help our lawyers find the passion and acquire and enhance skills.

At PROMPT Academy, lawyers are equipped with skills and encouraged to find their optimal strength that they can use as a basis to craft their own career path.

PROMPT Academy is also a place where lawyers exchange knowledge and experiences as well as challenges they encounter in the work. We facilitate the growth of this community where our value and wisdom will be passed on and developed through generations.

In addition, PROMPT Academy is a community that allow lawyers to relax together and participate team leisure activities including outings, hangouts, and other hobbies.